Since our special purpose at LWHA is the care of older animals, we have more mature pets than young ones. But you'll find these 'grown-ups' ready to brighten your life in the way only a loving pet can. They're past their 'high energy phase', are calmer and more manageable and ready to settle down in their new life with you.

Please be aware that Little Woman Home for Animals puts their animal friends first. Our adoption policy is intended to assure us any adopted animals will be going only to a loving home for life. We are serious about this commitment and expect the same from those who adopt. We know how well cared for our guests are here and insist that those who adopt maintain that same level of care.

If you'd like to submit an application to adopt one of our guests, you may download this adoption form.rtf in .rtf format  (most word processors will open this type). Just fill in the form by hand or type, sign and mail to the address indicated.