In Memory of Diane Holmes

Animal Guest Care (2007-2022)

It takes a very special person to give dozens of cats (and a few of their canine friends) the attention they want one minute, then roll up your sleeves and clean up after them all the next. Diane handled both these essential duties with patience, enthusiasm and lots of love.

Carlos Arreola

Founder (12/27/1941 ~ 11/19/2019)

The late Dr. Carlos Arreola established the sanctuary in 1999 as a home for burros targeted for eradication from their Grand Canyon home. Soon after the sanctuary opened its doors, an expanded mission of helping animals in distressed situations was undertaken.

Wayne D Holt

Director; Website and Publications

After many years as a municipal publications manager, Wayne retired in 2016 and works with LWHA long-distance from Galveston, Texas. He has been a board member for 10 years and helped LWHA through website work, LWHA calendar design, financial and administrative assistance. In his new role as director of LWHA succeeding Dr. Arreola, his commitment is to follow the path that Carlos first set out on. He also leads LWHA's investigation of birth control methods to slow feral cat population growth.

Martha Snodgrass Hutchinson

Sponsor Outreach & Board Member

Reaching out to sponsors and supporters has become more important than ever in making the public aware of the mission of service organizations, as well as fostering a sense of shared concern. Martha has taken to that role with energy and dedication for LWHA's mission.

Sharon Oakes

Animal Guest Care & Board Member

As a long-time volunteer and LWHA board member, Sharon's love of animals translates into helping maintain a separate housing environment for our animals guests who need special care, from cleaning the building to feeding our guests.

Mike Tichi

Facilities & Construction, Animal Guest Care

As LWHA expanded, its accommodations for the animal guests had to keep up. LWHA needed someone with the know-how to help Carlos get the physical site of LWHA organized, and in 2003 Mike arrived, becoming an integral part of LWHA's success.

Peter Rice and Tina Brown

Members, LWHA Board of Directors

Our thanks to Peter Rice and Tina Brown for their assistance in their capacity as our Treasurer (Peter Rice) and Board of Directors members.