Martha Snodgrass Hutchinson
Sponsor Outreach & Board Member

Reaching out to sponsors and supporters has become more important than ever in making the public aware of the mission of service organizations, as well as fostering a sense of shared concern. Martha has taken to that role with energy and dedication for LWHA's mission.

Retired from the profession of art, elementary and special education teaching after 41 years, Martha began to a volunteer at LWHA in 2005 after rescuing nine kittens, their mother and sister. Through her ongoing interest she became a board member and LWHA benefactor. She now focuses on updating and streamlining supporter outreach and communications, especially through social media and sponsor contact when she is not doing more hands-on work. You can keep up with all things LWHA at her Facebook page . Martha is active all around LWHA but is especially fond of the feline guests found at LWHA.

Our Cat Studio, dedicated to Martha's brother Wilson and his partner Bill