Wayne D Holt
Director; Website and Publications

After many years as a municipal publications manager, Wayne retired in 2016 and works with LWHA long-distance from Galveston, Texas. He has been a board member for 12 years and helped LWHA through website work, LWHA calendar design, financial and administrative assistance.

He began volunteering his assistance in 2010 after reading about Little Woman Home for Animals and its mission. Wayne has served as resident representative on the Galveston Animal Services Advisory Board to City Council and is especially involved in advocating on feral cat issues. 

In his new role as director of LWHA succeeding Dr. Arreola, Wayne's  commitment is to follow the path that Carlos first set out on, while also leading LWHA's investigation of birth control methods to slow feral cat population growth. He is currently using this simple and safe process of chemical estrus cycle interruption in LWHA's outreach with urban ferals in Galveston, Texas, through ingestion of micro-dose megestrol acetate.

Interest in the care of neglected cats and dogs goes international as Wayne is currently involved in securing ongoing funding to assist a dedicated animal rescue volunteer in Puglia,Taranto, Italy. Along with a fellow animal lover in Galveston, he has set up a website to bring attention to her efforts in Puglia, while working to find a stream of regular funding to assist this deeply committed volunteer.