Little Woman Home
for Animals

A 501(c)(3) No-Kill Haven and
Nature Preserve in Huntsville, Texas

I have nothing to fear and here my story ends. My troubles are all over and I am at home. 
~ Anna Sewell ~

Set in the beautiful piney woods and rolling hills of East Texas, Little Woman Home for Animals is a non-profit organization committed to providing lifetime care to abandoned, unwanted animals while actively seeking homes for their placement. Each day, we meet the needs of those in our care, providing shelter and nourishment for the healthy, and on-site medical care for the ill or aged. We have never practiced euthanasia.

In addition to a commitment to the animals in direct care at our haven here in Huntsville, we support public education and outreach regarding the critical need for lessening animal adoptions through spay/neuter regimens for cats and dogs. We support the value of Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) programs for feral animals who are not candidates for adoption but can be safely returned to their familiar environment and yet not reproduce. We currently are involved in a program of orally delivered birth control for feral cats in Galveston by way of regular feedings.

We protect and sustain wildlife on our Huntsville facility's acreage, and are engaged in additional efforts of ongoing support of certain urban wildlife through work in our Galveston extension services.

Now in our 23rd year of service, we are grateful for so many others who help us brighten the lives of these pets through their support. We invite you to join us in our efforts to bring hope to the adoptable animals here, support for those beyond our gate who will not be cared for, a tranquil place to thrive for those who remain with us until the end of their life...and an honored resting place when they cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Watch this video to learn more about the Little Woman Home for Animals story.
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Wayne D Holt

Director; Website and Publications

After many years as a municipal publications manager, Wayne retired in 2016 and works with LWHA long-distance from Galveston, Texas. He has been a board member for 12 years and helped LWHA through website work, LWHA calendar design, financial and administrative assistance.

Martha Snodgrass Hutchinson

Sponsor Outreach & Board Member

Reaching out to sponsors and supporters has become more important than ever in making the public aware of the mission of service organizations, as well as fostering a sense of shared concern. Martha has taken to that role with energy and dedication for LWHA's mission.

Barry Williams

Board Member

Barry is our newest Board member, bringing expertise in both animal care as well as business experience to LWHA. He and his wife, Dr. Beth Williams (pictured here), own the official veterinary clinic for LWHA, the 11th St. Veterinary Hospital in Huntsville.

Mike Tichi

Facilities & Construction, Animal Guest Care

As LWHA expanded, its accommodations for the animal guests had to keep up. LWHA needed someone with the know-how to help Carlos get the physical site of LWHA organized, and in 2003 Mike arrived, becoming an integral part of LWHA's success.

Shelia Shafer

Cat Studio Manager, Animal Guest Care

A few rare folks have a certain magic with animals, and Shelia happens to be one of those people. Her warmth and compassion for all animals has given her the ability to calm and comfort some of the most anxious animal guests LWHA has cared for. She is especially fond of, and bonds with, cats of all types. As manager of our Cat Studio, she is responsible for keeping our felines healthy and happy. Anyone who knows cats know that is a tall order, but Shelia manages to do it with ease.

Peter Rice and Tina Brown

Members, LWHA Board of Directors

Our thanks to Peter Rice and Tina Brown for their assistance in their capacity as our Treasurer (Peter Rice) and Board of Directors members.

In Memory of Carlos Arreola, Founder

(12/27/1941 ~ 11/19/2019)

The late Dr. Carlos Arreola established the sanctuary in 1999 as a home for burros targeted for eradication from their Grand Canyon home. Soon after the sanctuary opened its doors, an expanded mission of helping animals in distressed situations was undertaken.

In Memory of Diane Holmes

Animal Guest Care (2007-2022)

It takes a very special person to give dozens of cats (and a few of their canine friends) the attention they want one minute, then roll up your sleeves and clean up after them all the next. Diane handled both these essential duties with patience, enthusiasm and lots of love.

Slow Feral Cat Overpopulation with Megestrol Acetate

While the surgical procedures of spaying or neutering cats is the preferred method for permanent control of feral populations, it is not always possible to stay ahead of the rate of live births that cats are able to attain in warm climates such as ours. Trapping, neutering and returning (TNR) to the location trapped is the best method of slowing population growth through attrition, but can be difficult to consistently apply using volunteers and limited traps. Now, there is a way to buy more time to TNR using Megestrol Acetate.

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By sponsoring one of our LWHA guests, you'll make possible our life-saving mission for a deserving animal, and assure their care and comfort.

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Monetary Donation

Would you like to make a one-time or recurring donation? Just click our donation page and use your favorite credit card or PayPal.

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Donate Items

LWHA has an ongoing need for many items that our animal friends require to stay clean, healthy and well cared for.

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If you're looking for a well cared for adoptable pet, we've got some of the most adorable ones you can imagine.

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Affinity Programs

Amazon Smile and Kroger Community Rewards are great ways to help LWHA year 'round doing the things you already do.

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Kuranda Pet Beds

You can make a world of difference in one of our animal guest's life by donating a Kuranda bed to LWHA.

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Charitable Bequests

Create a lasting partnership with Little Woman Home for Animals. Your planned gift makes it possible. You can make your bequest for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or specific assets from your estate. Bequests, like other gifts, can be designated for many purposes or given without restriction.

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We Lead A Wild Life Here

Due to the large number of requests to our privately funded shelter, we are currently well over capacity for care of both dogs and cats. As such, LWHA CANNOT CONSIDER ADDITIONAL REQUESTS FOR ASSISTANCE AT THIS TIME FOR ANY ANIMALS, INCLUDING ADOPTABLE HEALTHY ADULT ANIMALS AND PUPPIES OR KITTENS. We regret we are not able to assist within our limited resources but encourage you to make persistent personal efforts in every case to re-home your animal as that is the most effective way to assure their care. 

PLEASE NOTE:  because of the very small staff Little Woman Home for Animals has available for all necessary duties, we regret that we are unable to host site visits to our facility at this time.